Centre Objectif Terre

An International Cultural Centre
dedicated to Sustainable Development and Universal Rights

FinalNewObjectifTerre - CopieCentre Objectif  Terre has the  mission to provide solutions to problems that now concern the entire global population. To take our future in hand by focusing on the values of the heart said to be feminine. A society based on humanistic values at the service of Life. That respects their rights as well as their duties and responsibilities.


Fact-Finding & Presentation

Our society at this beginning of the 21st Century is more than ever confronted with exceptional challenges: environmental, economic, social and cultural.

Peace, freedoms, the rights of the living but also our world cultural heritage have never been so threatened.

It was urgent to set up « an Icon for the Planet » in the symbolic heart of Geneva, certifying a new Vision, shown as an ideal of humanity, based on the three pillars: Culture, Sustainable Development and Universal Rights.

It is with this ‘vision of the heart’ that the humanist Roerich said: « where there is culture there is Peace».

This is the definition of Unesco which will be our guiding thread:
«Culture is the whole complex of distinctive spiritual, material, intellectual and emotional features that characterize a society or social group. It encompasses, in addition to art and literature, lifestyles, fundamental rights of the human being, value systems, traditions and beliefs. »  
Mexico City Declaration on Cultural Policies World Conference on Cultural Policies Mexico City, 6 August 1982

This is what guided us in the conception of an International Cultural Centre dedicated to future generations, facing new paradigms that will create a sustainable society that respects Life, giving a «new vision» to Humanity by launching a «Call to Unity».

An International Cultural Centre that will implement the values that we hold dear: Tolerance, Collaboration, Empowerment, Respect, Integrated Responsibility.

Above all, our goal is the duty of action and implementation, so that the beautiful words take shape and materialise.

To achieve this ideal, we are in direct partnership with Pax Cultura France & International ( www.paxculturafrance.org ) and supported by Green Cross ( www.gcint.org ) as symbols of this Planetary Icon for Geneva:

logo-pax-cultura    logo-green-cross

Where are we ?

After more than 10 years of reflection and preparation we can finally realise our investment project thanks to the agreement of the State Council of the Republic and Canton of Geneva who has put a building land available to us accompanied by available adjacent authorisations.

The Centre Objectif Terre project for a centre for sustainable development and human rights is the fruit of about twenty years engagement with the young in the environmental and sustainable development fields by the Bellerive Foundation and its founder, the late Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan, and taken on by the Earth Focus Foundation since 2005.

Our ambition is to participate in the co-creation with the establishment of a ‘Global cultural ‘Icon ‘in Geneva. As part of the land development project ‘Praille-Acacias-Vernier’ of 230 hectares.


Opportunities & NeedS

We will have at our disposition a building of 25 000 m² open to the world and advanced technologies – Laboratories, Agora, conference centre, educational installations, Imax Cinema, Arts Centre, Earth-Sphere, museum, concert hall , radio & TV studio..

To carry out this ambitious future building, accompanied by the Geneva authorities, we are putting in place a promotion team, called a priming charge of communication and fundraising for the implementation, management and development of the Centre for which the start of.


Why Geneva ?

An international city, Geneva is the home to the Red Cross and to the Intergovernmental Group of Experts on Climate Change (GIEC), it also gave birth to the Geneva Conventions and a report concerning the environment and its development entitled: ‘Our Common Future’, written by the Brundtland Commission. Geneva has long been at the heart of respect for universal rights and sustainable development, Also, the city at the end of the Lac Léman appears to be the ideal place to house this new International Centre.

On a national scale, Switzerland also appears as a ‘natural’ host to this project as it has been very involved in the conservation of ecosystems and landscapes for more than a century as it has attempted to maintain its citizens in natural and agriculturally preserved environments.


The International Cultural Centre « Objectif Terre »

A visionary Centre will open to the public. Equipped with a large auditorium, classrooms and laboratories, the Centre will be an educational tool in the service of all: pupils, students, teachers, scientists, politicians, industrialists… The information will be presented on three levels of understanding to satisfy both the curiosity of the neophyte, information for
families, and training of experts. Its aim is to bring a new vision of the world by serving as an information and decision platform, eventually, getting all actors of society working towards a The Centre Objectif Terre will be the seat of important NGO’s in service to our planetary life for which the ‘Circle International Pax-Cultura’ is dedicated to the Preservation of World Cultural Heritage as from the Hague Treaty of 1954 for the new directions for Peace.

All representatives of our society will be able to exhibit and share between themselves – but also with the rest of the world by connections to Internet – their points of view, by establishing a constructive dialogue, on today’s society and environment, in particular the issues they are associated with, especially on the long term for our society. The future need Far from the clichés, stereotypes and moralistic or catastrophic messages, the Centre will not provide answers. Everyone will find tools for thinking, understanding and analysis of the key to forge their own opinion but also decide and become a responsible actor.

The Centre, unique with its themes but also by the presentation in making the public active, it is truly a Centre of the future. It will be connected with the world and the entire world will be connected to it. An important server, in the heart ofCyberspace, and distance learning programmes will be available for all our Planet, vital cultural data especially on
universal rights and sustainable development.

The size of the Centre: the project presented in this study is the fruit of brainstorming around a 25,000 metres squared building. 30% to 50% of the area will be assigned to commercial spaces: restaurants, shops, boutiques, offices, parking lots… What is left will be dedicated to different cultural, educative and social activities, on one hand the different exhibition and concert spaces, and on the other the spaces designed for teaching, education and exchange, especially the agora.